BC Services Guide to Commercial Catering

Here at BC services we’re all about commercial catering– we offer a range of services from checking your equipment to kitchen design all with a high level of knowledge and experience. It’s through this experience that we’ve realised maintenance in the catering business can be a very thorough job, so we’ve come up with a small guide to help you keep up with your kitchen.


Cleaning is an essential part of the catering business, not only because it sets a level of pride in appearance but also because it helps to prevent injury and illness to your staff and customers. When it comes to keeping up with the cleanliness you want to be:

  • Establishing safe methods of cleaning
  • Paying close attention to the cleaning materials used
  • Training and supervising your staff
  • Cleaning up spillages immediately
  • Rinsing any detergent off the floor
  • Drying floors after wet cleaning, or putting up a wet floor sign


Routine Checks

Check your equipment daily for any visible wear and tear damage to:

  • Machine guards
  • Gas appliance controls
  • Electric plugs and cables
  • Ventilation systems
  • Equipment causing leaks onto the floor

With this step, it’ll be easier to train your staff in what to look for, what needs inspecting and how to report any faults.

Planned Maintenance

No matter how reliable your equipment is, it should be routinely serviced to ensure its continued safe operation. These checks need to be made by competent personnel such as qualified service engineers (like us!)

Breakdown Maintenance

Safety-critical repairs should only be carried out by an appropriately qualified engineer using the correct components. It is important to carry out a safety test with your equipment before putting it back into use. Sub-standard temporary repairs to keep the equipment in use must not be made at any time as they may cause an accident.

Inspections and tests

Thorough periodic inspections are legally required for steam and pressure appliances. Engineering inspection companies are the usual go to for inspections on your steam and pressure appliances. For any gas equipment you may have, a Gas Safe approved engineer will handle the inspection.

Food Safety

Lastly, you want to keep in mind the food safety implications whenever you think about selecting, installing, using, maintaining and cleaning your equipment. Your local EHO (Environmental Health Officer) can help you with this.


We hope this guide has been helpful!

If you do find yourself in need of catering maintenance, BC Services has got you covered. For more information, contact the team here at BC Services today by calling 0330 333 8727 and we will be more than happy to help you with your enquiries

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